JIMMY M-BASS 2018 to Present

Jimmy has been playing bass for over 30 years. He grew up right outside of Philly and started playing in bands like Mr. Sinister and Ground Zero in the 80's in the Philly/South Jersey Music Circuit. Jimmy is a lifelong Philly sports fan.
After several attempts at getting signed to a record label and with the state of music changing, he decided to leave the music scene to pursue other interests. He decided to get back into playing a couple of yrs. ago and is really excited to get the opportunity to be part of TILTED.
Jimmy's bass influences include: Billy Sheehan, Jaco, Rudy Sarzo, Stanley Clarke and Bootsy Collins.   His favorite bands include KISS, JANES ADDICTION, PRINCE, ALICE COOPER, SEX PISTOLS, RAMONES, and VAN HALEN.
Jimmy also enjoys movies that include Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises as well as books that include works by Neil Stevenson, Jk Rowling and Henry Turtledove.