About WiL-Lead Singer

WiL was invited to join TILTED in December of 2011 by his brother and TILTED drummer Tommy D, and on Friday, January 13th 2012 he played his 1st show with TILTED at the legendary and now closed Red Lion in Brick, NJ. 
WiL attributes his passion for singing to Paul Di'Anno (1st Iron Maiden singer) along with many others including Bon Scott from AC/DC. He joined his 1st band in the late 80's call DARK KNIGHT.
In "Dark Knight" he started writing lyrics for the 1st time and discovered a passion for writing lyrics. In the early 90's he started a band called DRIFTER which was an Iron Maiden tribute band and that band played the tri-state area for a few years. 
In 1993, WiL started an all original band called CHRONIC BREAKJOB with a long time friend and bass player J. McCaffrey. It was in this band that WiL really started to improve his writing skills.
WiL is now the lead singer and main lyric writer for TILTED.
"Our writing chemistry with guitarist Stevie C, drummer Tommy D., and bassist Andrew D. is impeccable. I look forward to writing good songs with TILTED"
"See you at the next ROCK n ROLL Show!"