TILTED @ The RED LION 2/4/11

 Our first public show in Brick,New Jersey. We setup stage at The Red LIon iand rocked it out with three sets of songs. With a fairly packed pub we had the crowd getting into the music with us. When we performed " Another Brick in the wall" the crowd seemed to love it. Singing along and...
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Tilted @ The Stone Pony

Saturday Nov 2oth was a fun day for the band. We played the legendary Stone Pony in Asbury Park,New Jersey. After bands A Welcome Burden and Judas Priestess were done Rockin out ,TILTED took the stage and played a late set at the Pony. It would be our first time their and we loved it. Though...
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Gobblefest in Clemington,NJ

We had such a blast last night Sat Nov 6th at The Cherrywood. We kicked things off by playing 11 songs including our original "Wrong" as well as our original debut of"Nasty Baby" . The stage was great. thanks to the sound and lighting guy (Mike   I was loud ). Everyone in the...
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Tilted to rock out Manchester NJ (Cranberries)

Our first full show on a Saturday night. Tilted we be Rockin out Cranberries pub @ about 9pm until approx 1 am. We will be using our projector and displaying video clips during our set. We will also be playing our first original "Wrong" for the first time. Come down for the show!  Cranberries...
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KJ,s Staten Island Show this past Sunday Aug 15th

Staten Island was Tilted this past Sunday Aug 15th. It was our first gig on Staten Island and our longest show so far. We used our projector and video effects for the first time too and seemed to please the crowd.On  this dreary Sunday night the forgotten borugh became Tilted when we ...
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Tilted works on new set of songs

We are now working on some new songs putting our first set of cover songs on the side for now. The Misfits,Pink Floyd,Velvet Revolver,AC/DC,God Smack are some of the new bands that we are working on. We have a few recordings in our songs section from our practice jam session. Things are really...
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